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Energy Audits 

Improve your organisation's energy efficiency and you could make significant savings on your energy bills.  
An energy audit is the perfect starting point. It will give you insight into your business and property, to identify the energy saving measures most suitable to you. 
The first step towards reducing the energy consumption of your business is to understand how much you’re currently using, and where it’s being used. Once we know this, we can help you make informed decisions about the best ways to reduce your energy usage and which energy efficiency measures would be most appropriate for your organisation. 
Our half day on site energy audit includes: 
Analysing energy usage to identify long and short term patterns affecting your bills. 
Speaking to employees to build a picture of their behavioural patterns. 
Outlining your action plan through an audit and review of your bills. 
Specific implementation costs and payback times, along with environmental and marketing benefits. 
An energy audit will provide you with goals for improvement, organising and analysing your energy-related activity, with the key objective of saving cost.  
The objective of the energy audit is to highlight the physical and behavioural changes that will reduce energy consumption. The savings from each of the change measures is shown, along with the associated payback period. 
Energy saving devices 
We can also provide recommendations on energy saving devices that can help you reduce your energy consumption. They vary from simple cheap timers to more costly investments like solar panels or energy efficiency lighting. Each will be shown with the energy saving it would achieve, the carbon footprint reduction, and the expected payback period. 
All forms of insulation will help to significantly cut your heating costs and reduce your carbon footprint. We can give advice on how best to insulate your building and offer a range of insulation products. 
Energy Efficient Lighting  
Low energy lighting uses 80-90% less energy than conventional tungsten lighting, and can last up to 10 times longer. Fitting low energy lighting is simple, helps the environment and should reduce your lighting bills. 
Smart Meters  
They can read and transmit data to your energy supplier and provide you with accurate real-time information on energy consumption. Trials by the Carbon Trust showed that small and medium sized businesses saved on average 12% through a combination of energy saving programmes and installation of smart meters. 
For more information or to book your half day energy audit call us today on 01525 409917. 

Voltage Optimisation Service 

As voltage optimisation experts we can provide expert advice to homeowners and organisations across the Beds, Herts and Bucks more 
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