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Energy Efficiency Services 

We offer a range of Energy Consultancy and Installation services to help businesses and homeowners manage their energy bills more effectively. 
As both experienced electrical engineers and energy assessors we are able to adopt a holistic approach to your organisations energy consumption and offer you expert, objective advice. At Woolgar Electrical our solutions are tailored to your specific organisation's requirements ensuring your energy solution is right for your organisation. 

We offer the following popular energy efficiency services:   

Solar PV 
Energy efficient lighting 
So if you are fed up with the rising cost of your electricity bills contact Woolgar Electrical for some FREE advice on how you can significantly reduce electricity consumption in your home or business. 
To find out how we can assist with your energy requirements call us today on 01525 409917 

LED Versus Conventional Lighting 

LED light bulbs will eventually be what we all use on a day-to-day basis. More recent technological developments have included the clustering of LEDs into single units which, when used with a diffuser lens, provide wider light patterns versus the older single bulb LEDs. Prices are also falling as the popularity of LEDs rises which makes them a viable solution when considering electrical cost savings. 
Whilst a typical traditonal light bulb ran for around 1,200 hours an LED bulb can last for up to 50,000 hours and run on around 10-15% of the power used by a standard light bulb. Put into perspective this means 1 LED replaces around 40 traditional bulbs. 
LEDs can save your organisation money and help to reduce your organisation's impact on the environment. 

Are Solar Panels still a Good Investment? 

The changing feed in tariffs have been well publicised and many people think that solar panels are no longer a viable option when looking to save money on electricity bills... this is not the case. 
The feed in tariffs are one of the benefits of solar PV in that you, in effect, sell excess energy back to the national grid... the tariffs have changed, but not gone away. 
The second benefit is that while you are generating solar energy you are not paying for electricity... that's a pretty big benefit in our opinion! 
Lastly, if your home produces "free electricity" we think that makes it more valuable if you are looking to sell up in the future. 

What are the Benefits to you if you Install Solar PV? 

Reduce your energy bills by using the electricity you generate 
Cut your carbon footprint 
Get paid a tax free income for the electricity you generate 
Possibly add value to home when it comes to selling. 

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